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The Floor

Dead skin. Foreign hairs that hung from foreign objects. Feces from this morning.
Sweat in all temperatures. Dust. Drug detritus. Food fallen from thick fingers. Salt.
Dust. Semen from me four years ago remembering how good a fuck six years ago
was. Coarse black chest and head and buttocks and arm hair. Dead skin. A white pill
not taken that did not therefore keep me happy. Salt. Feces from sixteen days ago.
Dust. Skin. Threads falling from my clothes as I live. Foreign feces. Hair. Salt. Dust.
Stains. Scraps written on. Fibers from books and linens. Fibers from gifts from exes
given away. Mucus not mine. Scraps. Pens. Salt. Dead skin. Hairs from many places
on many bodies, friendly and strange and sexual. Unknown flecks. Salt. Dead skin.
Resin. Lashes. Dirt from the places my parts have traveled to. Dead skin. Vitamin D
whose sunshine went unused. Salt. Asphalt. Dust. The outside brought in in pieces.
Grass. Asphalt. Sand. Cells from many bodies, friendly and strange and sexual. Salt.
Unknown oils, greasing. Feces from nine days ago. Empty pens. Salt. Insect bodies
left as killed. Blood from nail beds. Blood from a sharp thing held improperly. Bits
of tape. Dead skin. Another's crumbs. Hard mucus. Salt. Bacteria wriggled off mine
and other toes. Sweat of anxiety, exhaustion, sex. The sharp nail of a big toe. Dirt
from nails. Paint chipped away when years ago what needed to be seen on this wall
was this. Paint chipped away by those before with similar motives. The sharp nail
of a middle toe. The corners of old fingernails. Grass. Salt over a lie. Lashes. Dead
skin from dying. Bugs lying low. Dirt. Lashes. Salt. Dust. Empty pens. Pieces broken
off wholes. Dust. Unfathomable cells. Other things I can't see and don't understand.
Posted 09/17/13
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