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Thursday With Borderline

Yes. The fourteenth time already. I will sleep with you
when you have ironed your shirt for work.
We have a deal. You cook and I will bring home sugar.
Can this spider be any more
trapped. Give me something to kill with
and get out of my way when I come through. I have the stamina
of a dromedary. The wind is cawing
the caulks in the window will hold. Sweet Saturday
hold me. Hold me open like that
and something will crawl inside. I will get infected.
You sound like rushes
outside my bedroom window when I was a child
when you do that.
No. I didn’t think I would ever do something like this
when I was ten. Let’s bring something in
from downtown. The smell of China gets me excited
almost. These tiny things remind me of objects in food
in rooms in cities I lived in. What
is your fortune. Mine is a piece of lint from a laundry
two weeks past. Warm clothes warm only. Now that is
a fortune. And yours. Satisfaction is guaranteed
in many more industries
than previously. I work in a factory delivering charnel
to orphanages. No seriously
the court system. The wind trumps the trees swallow
the scenes of city life
I see from my window. It is not wise to live close by
where you work. It is not wise
to live close by your family. I am briefly out of work
and my family doesn’t speak to me sweetheart
since I moved in. They say you will ruin me. Yes. I am ruined.

Posted 12/03/09
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I loved it.
01/03/10 12:16pm
I like this poem!
12/12/09 7:16am