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What Did I Say?

                                     What do you know, discussion of poetry? 

Since in it so many people don’t titillate anyone (anymore)? 

They have–so painful, you see–in this country, 

besides me, 

so many who do not teach in MFA and Ph.D. programs. 

Enough is happening in private workshops, 

and in every place, 

as God is ridiculous. But hey, I’m 80% “a little terrified” 

and unsure of tomorrow’s big, mysterious announcement 

from my poetry culture (and/or how many 

in the United States 

knew the issues they don’t normally–and I never–watched).



                                     Unranked Wisconsin versus the wages before 

the first edition of Atmosphere? With six seconds left in poetry, 

now and again love itOr

So, in their own work, an attempted contribution: as publishers,

editors, critics, reading series co-editors. Jesse Damiani and I 

are so angry at every moment! 

Graham Foust, Jorge Santiago Perednik, Khadijah Queen, 

and Frank Stanford: if the LGBT community didn’t have to 

break your consciousness, 

then C. Dale Young, the editor of the cohort there, is the highlight 

of this video. So please check this month’s edition.



(Well, your hand was found out! I hope you will tell them. 


of Rauan Klassnik’s destructiveness. Because it won’t get 

the MFA application processed. Oh, Joseph Mosconi and 

then Joe Hall! They worked, as we all did, in those terrible–

it’s beyond me.)



                                     Because Al Gore, during the election in Ohio, 

was an ardent Bush supporter, 

then-Diebold COO Bob Urosevich had the highlight. Confusion! 

With tens of realities there is, as you drive through, “Season 2.” 

No kidding! 

I wrote the slick language. The term “couching”–this was used 

in a hundred ways. Poetry’s hot! A Hundred Ways to Advocacy

the film is the worst. The first list of us had us wondering 

about Rebecca Black’s pop song “Friday.” And MFA applicants’ 

hostility toward format and concept.

It’s worth reading. And it’ll be a work-in-progress, but hey, it exists!



                                     Jon Stewart on Larry King on Mitt Romney: “I 

say that. Asterisk!”  

As to those networks between peers at other institutions: this advice 

is not a nation. Ask yourself, “Which legal methods produce results 

for real sufferers?” People who’ve supported the Brits 

are going to get through this. It’s a rare example among many. 

Not sure when I was asked, but it was in time for 

the Associated Writing Programs’ George “I-Can-See-That.”

Security forces are hunting for bloggers who are writing on 

“things to know.” The chronicle of the explosiveness of these bosses–

and none of the observations about this topic–compose an article 

on that. 



All right, all right, I don’t know.

Posted 11/13/13
Statement of Concept: This poem comprises twenty clicks of the "Generate Status" button on the "What Would I Say?" website (http://what-would-i-say.com/), which approximates a user's average Facebook status using text from his or her prior status updates on Facebook. Here, the text produced by the website has been subjectively "normalized" by the author with regard to its grammar, syntax, punctuation, and typography. The content has not been changed.
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