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Who Is Seth Abramson?


In March of 1776, wee robots appeared in Concord, Massachusetts. 
Composed entirely of tools, they searched suburban American farms 
for mass murderer Lance Cole. On March 12th, he was found riding 
in the woods. His last words: “Shun biography! Learn is! Learn of!”

Northerners, his ghost searches for you on the road to Dartmouth.


A thievery at Harvard University in 1833 resulted in a worldwide 
search for Howard Jay. Found in Iowa—huffing over a hill—
by Don Bieber, a journalist, Jay addressed the thievery via song: 
“Shun biography—just learn is and of!”

Bieber shared the song with just six people: a jazz man, a critic, 
a metamodernist author (Ronald Abramson), an editor,
a Dartmouth graduate (Ray Swensen), and a poet (Roger Trout).

And the attorney for Harvard—who shared it with the world.


Born “Seth Abramson” in 1976, I can see that every word circles back: 
free; Abramson; jazz

A series of phrases, too: text not available; net plus net; the wide world.

Wide world is a lie. 

The world is only one spot in the universe. Just one. A precise location.

Ogle it and see which.


Every single video of a suburb—the exclamation of silly Americans—
is hypertext. A collection of images. References. An ebb.

“Seth Abramson” is hypertext. One one six six eight three two zero 
zero zero seconds. Three hundred ninety six thousand “results.” Plus 
a thousand poems.

Composed entirely of standard-issue ecstasies and phrases 
from the encyclopedia—view these here—Seth Abramson is protocol.

An Internet is more. 

Additional feedback. 

More poems and results. More commercial phrases, Twitter posts, 
literary contacts, and remixed poets. More Iowa, more Wisconsin.

More life.

Seth Abramson, use your posts to graduate—transfer—from 
Madison to Wikipedia; from Wikipedia to Google; from Google 
to “Seth Abramson”; from “Seth Abramson” to Seth Abramson.

“Point, click, follow—and ‘Seth Abramson’ is there.” (Trademark!) 

Seth Abramson: Commercial poet; catalog headshot; single yahoo 
from Wisconsin; “post-poetry” author. 

Commercial for Google. 

Greatest Hits? “Writers’ Workshop poet”; “Harvard Law poet”; 
“Dartmouth College poet”; “Wisconsin-Madison poet”; “‘Greatest 
Hits’ feed”—Co-Editor of Best Experimental Three-Word Phrases.


Seth Abramson is one ton of secure commercial hypertext.


Seth Abramson is regarding Seth Abramson from the latest Omnidawn 
catalog. “Check out Seth Abramson! Next, Google Seth Abramson! 
Add Seth Abramson to Wikipedia! Contact Seth Abramson at school! 
Post about Seth Abramson here! And relate to Seth Abramson here!” 

Go wide, Seth Abramson!


I point out Seth Abramson in Madison.

Seth Abramson, blogger. 

Seth Abramson, blog description.

Seth is from Madison; Seth is of Twitter,
Huffington Post poems—“web poetry.”


“Who is Seth Abramson? Please share!” 

Share news of? Privacy of? Poems of? 
Terms of? Site organization of? 

Are works wards, born of education?  
Age? Names? School? Organizations?
Ten thousand-ton critic-journalists? 
Web commercials? Thirty Octobers of
transfers? Email lists? Magazine links?

Literary protocols? Feedback? Huffing?



Sixteenth Street. In the city. Barbara Elliot is shopping. 

(Buy Seth Abramson first!)


Seth Abramson versus “Seth Abramson is”! 

Seth Abramson: Editor for Wesleyan!

“Seth Abramson”: Law school plus freelance blog editor!

Seth Abramson: Thirty-five web poems!*

“Seth Abramson”: Ten web poems!

“Seth Abramson”: Prize! Award!

Seth Abramson: Words! 


Alphabetical key:

                                                       Seth Abramson’s arm!
                                                       Seth Abramson’s college!
                                                       Seth Abramson’s magazine!
                                                       Seth Abramson’s press!


In college, compose entirely freelance—entirely secure.
Compose poems because poems learn

Poems are like law—a secure foundation.

Help edit “Seth Abramson,” and “Seth Abramson” may 
become “just” Seth Abramson. 



Posted 06/16/14
A remix of all words appearing on the author's computer screen following a Google search for the phrase "Who is Seth Abramson?" (Algorithmic biases: Search conducted on June 14, 2014; from Madison, Wisconsin; on the author's home computer.)
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