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Why I Decided to Become a Shipping Container

We are difficult to obtain
and expensive to ship. Our price ranges
from $2,500 to $4,000.
You can easily construct a building
with the same amount of square footage—
just as water-tight
           and structurally sound—
using traditional construction methods.
It just won’t weigh as much.

We provide extremely secure storage
that requires a blowtorch or dynamite
           to break into—
plus, we’re too heavy to walk off with.
Want to lift me? Watch your fingers, love.

Rust is the only natural predator
for a shipping container, so don’t scrimp
when you paint me. I’m a metal monster
who becomes an oven or a freezer
depending upon the outside temperature.
So if you want to live inside me,
good insulation and ventilation is a must.

The real bonus to a shipping container
is the new green phrase adaptive reuse.
Our trade deficit with the rest of the world
is causing containers like me
to pile up. So if you’re going to use one,
stay true to the form: don’t cover me up
with other building materials.

Please—God—just show me for what I am.

Posted 02/01/16
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