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The New Modern Meta

Basically, Modern is going to get shaken up.I like
many other Jund players are somewhat nervous
about what the meta will look like, Being
turn behind in modern was not much of an issue
before the unbanning of Wild Nactal However
now that we are headed in a much more aggro
environment, being a turn behind
is now a significantly worse position to be in. Even
with the answers Jund provides.
The fact of the matter is that modern is a much
slower format than other’s and I personally would
rather be playing PRO-Active magic, for 15+ turns
rather than RE-Active magic. Naturally
that comes at a cost, generally your life total.

This brew in particular recognizes that
and attempts to rectify that while still being ahead
of your opponent. R/B/W
is not a traditional archetype in any format,
and is never quite a tier1, however, the meta-game
is changing and wizards is looking
for some innovation. So here we go

Please Please Please, SHARE, COMMENT AND
Also If i’ve made any mistakes, let me know! I’m
kind of good at missing triggers when I’m excited

Open for Question’s!!!

Posted 02/24/14
Statement of Concept: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/the-new-modern-meta/
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