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All Year

Go home and listen to the rain say
all along what does it mean and will you carry me through

Betty Taser contemplates them too

The heater goes along with the drainage

Beaming all the way down
Till you’re still there too

Make lights with the radio until the night ends

Keep me away from a porthole of whiskey
anything sentimental will make me cry

I adjust

Maybe we’ve got to go back

Mostly I’m in Dallas


Happy sad design the sea

Like a child with a demon
Even he won’t dine on emotion

It filled me with direction
Like a bucket of wheat



You were carrying a bird
to the prowess of the load

With the light eggs wearing blue

and the church hole through your windowpane

to the blades where you carry your books

and we’re reeling on your soda

and we’re singing every prayer

since hobgoblins love this earth

you were genuinely a burden

in the secular background globe

I was going down till you need her

I was gabbing in protection

in the loneliness of the crowd

your vagina found your way back home

you were carrying your defense

sleeping on a pallet on the floor of the palace


A bearcat ripped off my soul

we caught up by last night

I seen a vision in the wisp

we are swinging up to the north, south in an eastern way

Neptune gonna spot the answer
like we never danced before

I’m gonna take you in my heart

Say a big thank you

We gonna get that squid feeling

We’re gonna write it all down all night long on a hazy highway


The sheep are always wet with rain
and parrots in the shower

you wipe the teardrops from your eyes inside

guess your face

the ladder over the ocean of your countenance

you wore a lot of color as you sat beside your father and your mother

what’s in the violet

the shepherd from my neck ignited me

you wore a bush and we touched

you and iron nature
Posted 11/14/09
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