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Ghazal: Key


In the raven luster of this moonless night, you must lose the key

Iolite door of the sky with hooks to hang songs; your muse, the key


Language and geography are star-crossed lovers; each road, a tongue

Send me those clove-scented letters; send from afar, the clues, the key


Music found a way for deaf Beethoven— through the wood floor

So, don’t fret at the tempo, the chords, when you confuse the key


Rolling the map into a cone, you said nothing, filled it with mulberries

I fed on silence, saw life in a fruit-stained map— in the obtuse: the key


Each star dangles a dream of home on your exile’s roofless horizon

Bulldozers come razing in the night, Zeest, before you use the key


Posted 10/16/17
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