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The End of the War


I entered the city gates in a blind-fold

led by nothing but the summer drift 

of fairy-roses

the secret musk of books


How the market puffed up

with flags and shrouds

For a few drachmas

I bought a shroud for my sword

and buried it

under the Bitter-Almond tree


Next I bought a pail of azaleas

a lamp and a saffron mantilla 


wrapped in which all night 

I watched ink 

silently make sparrows

out of its dormant language 


Morning broke on the page

I was reading 

And I let words fall

into tightly woven nests 


And I let illumination

be the song


Posted 09/18/19
From "Baker of Tarifa" (Poetic Matrix Press), a book of poems based on the history of al- Andalus or Muslim Spain (711-1492) known for periods of legendary peace, interfaith tolerance and intellectual achievements.
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