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Friday the 13th Sonnet

So many superstitious Americans are afflicted

by this fear, the resulting loss of business equals

$800–$900 million. Perhaps we could come up with

some excruciating new superstitions instead of strikes,

and petitions, and target them somehow. If the number

twelve is perfection, alchemically complete, then thirteen

bulges obscenely, I get it. So much for the idea

we’re a country of gluttons. But there’s Lawson’s novel,

in which an unscrupulous broker creates a Wall Street

panic. See there? It’s all true. Having thirteen

at the table results in a death—another one about greed?

Yet in the Netherlands, driving proves safer because folks

are preventatively careful. Fewer fires too. Less theft.

In Spain, they freak out on Tuesday instead.

Posted 10/13/17