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Ghost Ship

Is Texas still burning?     I won’t compare it to anything

until it stops     In the meantime though

a bulwark of tradition and self-     conscious enjoyment

abrades roughly     What a bitch to be a group     of tasters

to support      producers of rare moments     wherein all

burning ceases     and gets compelled into      diamonds

of a fallen sun     blurting the end earnestly     Someone said

It’s Easter and we wanted to ask      So what     When does the kid

next door stop photographing     cracks in the pavement    

Look around     When can we turn     on the rest of world

in peace     It’s not time to eat     or commit identity theft    

or pose     as a wandering     Social Security number    

detached from      the head that lately birthed      a crop

of Californian grapes     Yeah we exaggerate   our state of affairs   

but there’s increasing evidence     that we’re really

headquartered there     amid the planking and smoke    

exiled fools     afloat amid company     so lonely we’re not

even insured    to drift for ages     without prognosis     deprived

of our inalienable     lab-perfect      growing conditions

Posted 07/25/13
From BRINK (Bloof, 2013) but has not appeared in a magazine or journal.
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