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Porous Borders

No, not that notebook, the other notebook.

     Name everything in your mystic bestiary

Elusive as palaces, each of these blond kids in hoodies.

     using only a series of nonverbal mudslides.

It resembles the milky juice that runs from the cut end.

     They seldom strike a fifth time unless they fire

He gave me a nonsarcastic thumbs-up in the parking lot.

     twenty-eight shots in an outburst, demolishing him

You are the kind of person who misses the word luncheon.

     like a replica. Does that say pantaloons? Because it shouldn’t

Thunderstorms go feral along the edge of the desert

     feel like anything human. Try describing it as if it lay

with skyscrapers up to their necks in sand.

     further West than we can ever go, as West as West gets.

Who said we might turn into glass citizens? 

     Focus on some random object or person like the ruins

The industry happily agrees. They’ll sign anything.

     of the temper. Have we arrived already, so soon?

Posted 06/30/14
From Brink (Bloof, 2013), but not previously in a journal/magazine
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