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I’ve Been Looking for Jobs in Antarctica

Maybe you should go see a bent horizon
Add your own colour and light to the world
To make it wonderful

“I mostly feel like a ghost to myself,” he says.

A spray of stars
Memories are like stars
Admire the sky as a whale
A galaxy trail of phosphorescence
Leading you home

Ghost prints of ourselves
At the back of the cave
Creating the Milky Way
With a showering of breast milk

Snake Birds: A Mixed Blessing
Baghdad Battery: Devil’s Club
Cazimi: As if in the heart

Venus turns dark
We must meet what we fear what we are
I want to break his brain over my knee
Like a dry stick

“I just don’t trust NASA,” he says.

I mock him for being a flat-earther
I just want to see the ice before it melts
To be perfectly honest

One of the happiest things I’ve ever seen
Was a penguin belly-slide on ice
One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen
Was a penguin wander off 
In the wrong direction
Alone towards imminent demise


Posted 03/30/17
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