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I stand barefoot on the grass in the sun

Grapefruit juice streaming down my arms

From freshly tree plucked fruits I eat

Breathing the honeyed air of the

Palo Verde

Bursting open and showering down petals

Littering the ground a carpet of gold it’s pale

Matte green skin busy with trails of

Ants drunk on sap  

There’s a raven on the roof regarding

Me as I watch him I must use caution

For there is a hole in his wing I may fall through

And transform into a raven myself I call to him

And he hops down the roof out of view only to

Return when I turn

The other way and I hear my call answered

As though he is some kind of  avian ventriloquist

He cracks seeds and sharpens his beak one eye

On me my palest skin turned forward reflecting

Sun like the moon

Posted 04/26/17
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