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A Series of Misnomers & Graceful Jokes, Exposed (A Guiding Place for Swarms of Worms)


in the shower shattering
god practical walls
flaking minds in
expectation set for
the immediate unfolds
this the panic panic
wait for (clean now) fruit
of limbs to throw their
spinal selves (are warm
wombs combating all lone-
linesses) against chairs to
sweet their preturnatural
preferences, as I know, my
teeth rotting out,
Heaven is here.


that’s good, that’s good
says the snail to the swine
the mud of thought is carried
in repetitious glances to a
present moment extended
always-already into a past
recollection of what is right
now happenings.
everything is sacred.
everything is swell.


My mother had turned
into a stone and my father
carried her in slight waves
around herself as a weed and
my brothers and sisters were all
little pebbles and one of them at a time
gave a comedy routine and you shared my eyes
amoment and forever said this is
something like a dream like a dream like a
then back shattered sentences gleaming
from screen light were setting in gmail
and i held my head told you you were
a part in and you were the earth skin
and you were the sky son and you
were the breath, long
(as i was the long
thing the


i cannot keep tumbling into
moving objects it is
ruining my health
according to dentists.


the fruit-muscle it
hangs off the bone, sinew
like a stick, see?

age compelling its ripeness
and fondness for the ground
inducing the lessening of distances
we see ought not but are
rather succumbing to the
selfless composition of bodies
becoming becoming, see?
Posted 07/13/11
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