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9th or 10th Wonder

Always ask the questions you’re initially too afraid to ask

Because later in the day when you are showering or eating cheerios out of the box and reorienting your thoughts from the disorganization of morning sunlight


You’ll remember that before the sugar coated donut of euphonium capsized the small wooden boat you kept your inner sanctum in the helm of, wrapped in nostalgia deadening aluminum

No one with the foam sword of disarmament could penetrate a valor so coated with aloof, shades down, black out small new feathers of Joy, as Joy is not comparable to outlining metal insets that hide paper beneath, who cares about the underneath? you ask

Lovers do, and sickos do

Most people do things like Grow Up and Stay Safe, newspaper happy with hot coffee and the feel of paper and Ok and minimal personal touching

Crazies repetitively and past the point of logic fall victim to POW! JOY!

Cutting snowflakes with a child’s scissors under a pink- skin- golden sky ball, May laying like a young thing and rehashing a poker game with that old miser HOPE

The trickster is Ol’

And so is his compatriot Reckless Flush

They folly about town in Fedoras and mime paint with wool made of the mirror of what your deepest lightest
Still shattering
“Waited For”

Is that you only found out about
Yesterday, and before that
In a park after prom

You may be an idiot, you’ll find out soon enough, it’s the only foreverquestion
Posted 04/09/11
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