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And so you did give me something
Every time transience reasserts itself we are freed
But the freedom is birthed on the examination table
Lit from the blinding god-lights from above
And dutiful angels we cannot see who wear masks to cover mouthsl of mucous
Pull from the hidden and leaf covered darkness of our bodies
That which we have gestated and protected from the depths
Out into the open and contaminated air of general populace
Making it foreign and separate from ourselves
Making sacredness obscene, tangible by all
Where moments that asserted causation amid chaos
Evaporate and assimilate into the air
Reclaiming their place in universal energy
Destroying time
Taking away the perfect beauty of the icon within a shrine, condemned to a mantle
Gathering dust
And giving back the imperfect beauty of spontaneous and constant discovery
Where all are complete in their every movement, in every constructed minute
Students of the ephemeral
With no Lord
Lapping at the juice that drips from
All things

When that day comes, no one ever ate an apple
no one ever dies
and nothing is not empty
Posted 04/10/11
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