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The girl in the teal dress has red hair she's posed 
leg up half cocked against the chair eyes half dressed 
i am high and can see into the souls of men all things are right and the men are noble but flawed with human vices 
lust and ego, mostly he's wearing headphones, like a deacon of God
whose voice rings clear through styrofoam and vinyl numb mouthed and it gifted you don't see most people until you see them in a situation organizing bottles 
on a coffee table
and the girl in teal lay on a bed pulling up stockings 
And zipping boots, a bed she will approach like Jesus as though there will be a ressurection
a prostitute of truth 
Smoking on the couch, embalming fluid what are we like?
i said like horses we just broke the fresher they are. The faster they take you 
soft in bloom
like crosses
Prostrate In perpetual youth. its okay not to allow things to not be okay,
it is the state of things.
such large circles, I can never remember whose inside them.

Posted 02/10/13
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