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Joan of Arc

My first love is one forth Fox Indian and he is dressed in black and playing the slide guitar
It is the desert, I watched the forest built by my life long delirium wither in silent pangs of a sudden realized thirst gone too long unquenched
I no longer know if the forest or the desert is the illusion
Wearing red and pouring the sweat of all sorrows, I am dancing in front of the white of wavering heat
I am dancing, and I know I am building a pyre to sail on the water that I will dream
The last dream after the others have gone back to dust

All the angels and the Devil have come to watch
But they did not bring God, because they do not know who he is

That day, the seed of a star died
For all dreams birth an opening in the expanse of space
And even the inhuman angels mourn that kind of death

Now everything is only what it is, and they have no need of visions.
Posted 07/18/11
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