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Ripples in the Water

I don’t really understand, but I don’t need to
When I can tell you are looking at me out of my peripheral vision
I turn my head and you are innocently looking across the way
I wonder what you are thinking
Why it is an impossible request, to be held
Why it is not as easy as breathing and walking or a conversation
But you may wonder why my tenderness is easy
And after many seconds, many many minutes, countless days, several years, and the unconscious train of ensuing lifetimes
When I ask if I can stay, I am not worried about tomorrow
When I walk out the door, I am not worried about tomorrow
Our entrances and exits have ceased to be remarkable
Because the pit of the soul knows
Time, words, bodies, buildings, swell and cease and are born again destroying small planets and birthing new stars

Your eyes have the dust of my immaterial in them
We are always touching

Posted 09/23/11
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