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what has my integrity been
a woman with a bulging mouth
sitting in a broken magistrate with
swarthy flesh burrowing beneath glass casing
she told me my pretty face could never hide
my lack of integrity
she’s been dead for seven years
that day I stood and walked
wolf with spit
tonguing incisors in surmise
but I did
shave my head
change my name
a ghost
behind opalescent panes
of an eroding casket
a synthetic
there was a surrogate
I lived in a town of grasshoppers
plague of flies
no one ever smiled
chopping vegetables in front of the window
I asked the bathroom tile
if it could remember my name
crows like jackhammers
blooming in panoramic
one black was the
I took pills named for a saint
the hand around my neck
seemed so

participate in the ruin of your
finger a sieve watch a
man in coat and hat
dress only just before noon
know you stare into objects
tugging at your shirtwaist
masticate your dignity
touch yourself
until you forget the day
you dreamed
of mastery
Posted 01/10/11
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