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Vinyl Shoulders

I no longer look back
But I had to go through the photos because it had to be done one day

This life flies so much faster with no anchor
I am white knuckling
Suckling the marrow from the spine of all that means living

Shapeless and abstract moments of intimacy that happen as the sun rises
Are no more or less real than hospital coffee or
A crying child
Liquids evaporate, children grow
Arguments become less concerning
There are no more spilt tears over lovers
no more hot pancreatic gasping pain
Rather, the glance of a thought sliding over the open car window
And out into the heat of mid –day
Where it whispers here and there
“I once again thought something might be different than it is.”
Until the glass cuts through the center
And you’re crossing garish city pavement, moving to the next motion

The moments become more poignant, but in this new way
Where new variables are no less or more than any other
Blowing smoke into the air
And musing
Mutually theorizing
That the last fear
Is that we may never have it again
Posted 08/05/12
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