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How to Give a Poetry Reading

1. The heart is a newspaper with limited circulation.

2. Today I drew the curtains and the sun exploded.

3. Sometimes, this life is unapproachable.

4. Make the supernatural appear supernatural.

5. This is not a game. There are lives at stake.

6. The mailman means you harm. That friendly smile.

7. Thank the curator by toasting an invisible mimosa.

8. Fill up on complimentary bread.

9. Inside your tooth realize there are years of repressed desires.

10. The heart is a mother grieving         A cosmopolitan fly
                  trying to pass       through       a double-paned window

11. List every song by Neutral Milk Hotel in autobiographical order.

12. Read tea leaves, wind speeds of varying colors.

13. Establish a routine.

14.   Step up to the free throw line       Dribble the ball
      three times        Go around the back three times
      with a circular motion      Take a dramatic   tension-
      draining breath     Shoot the ball with perfect form  
       as demonstrated     in the instructional video


16. Show up.

17. Show up with drunk, but pilote, inaudible slurring.

18. Today the sun learned that it is a magnifying glass.

19. The sun passses itself through itself to burn.

20. Pretend every person         in the audience
                              is simply                               there
Posted 10/05/13
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