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Rumors could spread by breath or touchscreen

Virus might transmit through fecal matter

Tests of city sewage predict infection spikes

Disease causes massive gastrointestinal distress

Government’s emergency toilet paper reserve disappears

President declares war against contagiousness

Study finds crowds are fine except for people

Nation’s shut-ins should feel fucking lucky, some say

You don’t get it unless you get it, epidemic skeptic says

Would many, many cases at once reset the meter?

Model predicts model will fall apart by fall

Infection curve becomes a thrilling theme park roller coaster

Stock market won’t drop if we don’t look down

Is the economy a runaway freight train in a good or bad sense?

Foreign virus production brought back onshore

States unsure whether to reopen businesses by force

Officials debate recommending protective shrugs

Virus turns your body into goo, or maybe glue

Molten gold is a miracle cure, according to commercials

Disease targets losers, according to anonymous sources

Ignore the sickness, according to executive order

Is an ounce of prevention worse than death?

Too inconvenient to even ask about, says man without mask

Poll shows 50% wouldn’t know this symptom if it bit them

Tests show 50% or less may or may not have or have had infection

Students return to learning 33% virtual, 33% in person, 33% in peril

Potential defects discovered in protective shrugs

Study of molten gold injections hints at harmful side effects

Eccentric pharmaceutical executive markets vaccine scavenger hunt

Virus power rankings versus cancer, car wrecks, context

To increase available beds, hospitals cut and stack

Expertise distrusted, experts claim, but should you trust them?

Disease caused by lies, president alleges without evidence

Opinions differ on drinking molten gold for health

Study determines unconfirmed reports survive in air for hours

Tracking shows cases coming closer and closer

Virus might be hiding behind you as you read this

Tracking shows cases coming from inside the house

How long before your clenched chest is more than worry?

Each night, your space compresses a little if you sleep

Why the recurring dream where you can only mime goodbye?

Study discovers just how much you’ve missed human touch

Distant has a different definition now

Is what is what will be or will what was be again?

Virus might transmit if you think about it

Virus might transmit if you don’t think about it

Everything you thought you knew has changed

Too normal could be the newest warning sign

Posted 01/23/21
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