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Mad Libs

We felt (adjective) about immorality
and how to (verb) it, and so in (year)
elected a powerful (profession) 
called (biblical name) as President
of (place associated with trouble).
The new Bureau of (military term),
however, spent its (plural noun
declining in value) on surveillance
of (stereotyped group of people).
For children’s first (invented holiday)
at the (sort of torture or execution) show,
they gave each a (weapon) stamped 
(patriotic and/or advertising slogan)
in (color with sinister overtones)
They moved to (aggressive action) 
our (private matter) and attack us
as (value judgment) by choice,
regardless of how much we screamed
(synonym for no as exclamation)!
The belief that (sardonic aphorism 
on humanity) we restated as (profanity).
After the (cataclysm), we declined
from life by the sword to death
by the (noun that rhymes with sword).
With (plentiful resource) depleted, 
gangs formed like (sense impression 
evoking flames), their mission to punish
(crime or sin), their insignia
a (monster) on a (phallic vehicle).
Many victims lost a (body part) 
or (relative), but more (something 
intangible but essential) disappeared.
We abandoned (sentimental memory)
the same time as (technology).
(Complete sentence offering open-ended
war metaphor for poem’s theme).
There was no other way to say it.
We (verb with a hint of sadness,
past tense) past a (wistful image
from a wasteland), (adverb).
Posted 08/25/15
Originally published in Barrow Street.
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