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I am a cartographer and an epic poet. I am writing an epic poem called Science of Hermes or Hermead about philosophers and scientists. The Hermead is currently at 126,680 lines of blank verse about 26 Greek philosophers.

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Cubicle Sonnet
Surazeus 2014 05 13

How like a prison is my cubicle,
enclosing inside walls of steel and glass
my spirit eager to explore this world
on soaring wings of curiosity.
I wish to dive in sea of swirling atoms
and understand how electricity
mutates organic forms through chemistry,
that animates our conscious dreaming souls.
We built straw huts on mounds of fire-baked bricks,
then high pyramids where human gods dwelled,
then castles of stone where pirate kings ruled,
and now glass towers where computers whir.
From Garden of Eden to cubicle
I tend apples and documents to eat.

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