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Frank Giampietro

Frank Giampietro is the interim director of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center and Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Cleveland State University and in the NEOMFA. Giampietro is the author of “Begin Anywhere” (Alice James Books, 2008) and co-author of “Spandrel” (Small Craft Advisory Press 2011) with Denise Bookwalter and “Book O’ Tondos” (The Painters Left, 2010) with Megan Marlatt. He is the creator of the web poetry projects “La Fovea” and “Poems by Heart.” His poems, nonfiction, and short-short fiction have appeared in journals including 32 Poems, Barrow Street, Black Warrior, Copper Nickel, FENCE, Ninth Letter, and Ploughshares. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio and Farmington, Maine.

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