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Don’t Try

He cornered you in a bathroom
sneers and all
And until that very moment
you thought no heads ever made it into toilets
none at all

And though he was an unofficial spokesperson for Canyon River Blues
and smelled of gasoline and decay
Until that very moment
you thought no heads ever made it out of toilets
and he seemed to prove you right

you might have flinched and he probably said
“don’t you even”
you might have winced and he probably said
“don’t even try”

But you’re older now
and sometimes you wonder if people like him are even still alive
out there in the world
the same world as you
a world that also smells of gasoline and decay

You know now
that plenty of heads make it
in and out of toilets
and maybe if you saw him somewhere
at the grocery
or on the street
he might stumble to apologize and you would probably say
“don’t you even”
“don’t even try”

and you’d go your separate ways
each of you knowing that
it’s okay
none of it matters now
none of it mattered ever
and hey

at least you tried.

Posted 02/17/15
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