220 Readings


(w/ in)



my cousin

worked at

a box factory


folding time


b/w vodka

& the bad sadness

he turned


thirty or forty 


a life 

in prison

for what


someone’s son



a murderer

they said


what is a kid


what number

is it


(w/ out)



I moved

to Portland

when I was 26


the river there

cut the city

in two sides


like an animal

flowing north

the Willamette


winds up w/

the Columbia

which heads


to Astoria

& from there

into the Pacific


I couldn’t believe it

this world

I said

(w/ out & w/ in)



I once built a box

a shipping crate

for a highly delicate

& intricately tooled

piece of machinery


it was headed

for Houston

or maybe Manassas

& eventually

into outer space


I was ashamed

my carpentry

was wicked

gross angles

no sense of scale


inside that box

the telescope

component was

a weird child

in a large coffin


after that

they never asked me

to build anything again

Posted 11/08/13
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