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to be what stays

on a carousel

or what is held in place

& revived by light


to be that escape

contained in frames

to rotate dull bars

into machinery


to be no music but

an instrument cranking

open a window

if that’s what it’s called


to be driven wholly into

the tunnel of the sentence

its common words


like winter

like snowfall

like water


to be

in spite of the original

whatever begins again


& then to fold

to clothe or unclothe again


to be as naked

as a motor

to be equal to

its exclamations

as an engine is


to be revving

in every direction

like a prayer


there is no building but

a body opening

a hand exploding


its signs suspended

in the air

in a bleached city

to go steering

the darkness

which is shaped

into the letters

to be read

to be a message

for us


let it be said

let an eruption go


not like

the volcano

but like

the prisoner

who has just lifted

a Camaro

Posted 11/08/13
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