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This space shuttle total length of 56 meters, a wingspan of about 24 meters, takeoff weight of about 2040 tons, total take-off thrust of 2,800 tons and a maximum payload of 29.5 tons. Its core part of the orbiter length 37.2 m, broadly in line with a DC-9 aircraft similar in size. Each flight can carry up to eight astronauts, <a href="">cheap tresor paris bracelet</a>flight time of 7 to 30 days, the orbiter can be reused 100 times. Shuttle set rockets, satellites and aircraft technical features in one, as can be vertical like a rocket launched into space orbit, but also as the satellite orbits in space, as, re-entry can glide like an airplane landing, is a new multi-spacecraft.
Early 1981, after a decade of research and development, "Columbia" was finally built successfully, it is the first aircraft used in space and ground transportation between the astronauts and equipment from the space shuttle. It is the task of the first flight test of its orbit and landing capability. 54 hours in space flight, orbiting the planet 36 weeks after the shuttle landed safely. The next space shuttle "Challenger" was completed before the "Columbia" has conducted four flights.<a href="">discount Tresor Paris bracelets</a>

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