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Closure before the door was opened

I am nothing. 

My purpose is ----. 
It’s rich and red. 
My purpose is bleed

Your whole job 
is to watch while I do it. 
To laugh. 

Why do you let them
have so much power over you? 
I have so much power over you. 

When I look in the mirror a lot, 
it’s not because I’m vain. 
I’m just making sure I didn’t get 
any uglier in the last few minutes. 

Imma fuck up your perfect
marble face. Imma hold your 
powdered stone and let it slip through. 

See, even ugly words can be beautiful. 
Even too much time on your hands gets wasted. 
Even a broken clock is. 

I am nothing 
because I let them have
so much power over me. 

I’m nothing like you. 
You are nothing (just) like me. 

Posted 03/27/17
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