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The Blue-Silver Being

I am a flat, graphite sketch

on a interdimensional being’s

drafting table.

I look to my right and left

and the being is shouting

at me about depth.

Depth? I ask. Like, what

in the hell is that? Then I

skip away feeling heavy.

I know the being is there,

but I can’t see it/him/her.

The being is blue-silver.

I pray to the being every

night, even though it/him/her

recently erased some of my friends.

I’m not super scared of getting

erased - mostly because, what

does that feel like, ya know?

My world is screens and planes.

The being’s world is cubes and shadows.

Maybe I wanna see stuff like that.

“Everyone gets erased at some point,”

the other 2Ds tell me. I wonder sometimes

about the thickness of this page.

If I am a drawing, is there a drawer?

Woah! Am I made in the being’s likeness?

Creation ideas abound in two directions!

I am a bunch of curvy

and straight lines. The being is


I will never understand

the ways of the being.

I’m too thin to take all that in.

Posted 07/09/17
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