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First, thank !GOD! they took down
that horrid bird painting, but
the blank white 
must drive you batty, so I brought
back a couple things I hope help:

!Bring in the plush animal pillow fight!
!Bring in the humpty dumpty bandages!
!Bring in the crumbling moonlit European fountains!
!Bring in the happy apple orchard flooding!

!Bring in the hazardous wizard giggles!
!Bring in the break dancers!
!Bring in the psychedelic tigers!
!Bring in the backup break dancers!

!Bring in the vast desert wind!

Don’t bring anything in for a second.

!Bring in the ocean wave!

!Bring in the jellyfish martinis!
!Bring in la resaca de wiskey!
!Bring in something magnificent in German!
!Bring in the other ocean wave!

Bring in the cleaning crew.
Bring in the morphine.
Bring in the tree swing.
Bring in the tree.

Give it a minute. Okay.

!Bring in the frozen river stationery!
!Bring in the transcendental garden sculptures!
!Bring in the wine barrels of glacier slush!
!Bring in the holy ghost revival canons!

!Bring in the erotic chocolate shock!
!Bring in the inflatable castle!
!Bring in the bouncing ponies!

Give us a minute to enjoy the funny ponies…

!Bring in the painfully perfect
jackknife nose dive!
Bring in that last lake breaking.

Bring in the exit we look through smoke for.
Bring in the crowd, arms folded around themselves.
Bring in the hole in the crowd for the fire engine.
Bring in that bright fire engine.
Bring in the fire.
Posted 04/02/12
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