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Kitchen combines
our irritated conditions
in awkward creation.

This making calls for
so much destroying!

You cut carrots as if
chastising the earnestness
of my penis.

I tug the saucepan through
the dangling pots for
a cacophony of what
you won’t say.

I offer to chop
onions to beat you
to tearing up.

Oh to shove past
your perfect teeth
a morsel so tasty
it hurts…

While the pasta sauce spittle
messes the white stove top
with red specks,

I work to concoct
a phrase that hints
at how often you
screw this up.

Then you dispense, into an expansive
glass, a generous serving of dark
wine, dip into it a broken bit

of cracker you hold before
my dumbfounded mouth,
which parts just enough

to let you place the taste
of bread and wine
upon my tongue.

That flavor
so familiar,
so peculiar.

Posted 08/02/11
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