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My Definition of Rape

                      (see also, Emily Kendal Frey's "My Definition of Rape")

I have an engine larger than I am
Little candy pieces I can’t fit
It isn't rape if she is sexual
It isn't rape if he loses control
Big candy pieces I can break
Those straps don’t help
It isn't rape if his eyes roll back
into his head, i.e. heavenward
It isn't rape if he leaves
more than 50% of her clothes on
It isn't rape if we don't get to see
clear photographs of dark bruises
the shape of his fingerprints
Candy wet with light
The juices know what to do
The juices know to reject
the argument
We can't eat each other alive
We don’t know what we are doing
We know exactly what you are doing
It isn't rape if he was pre-raped
by alcohol or hatred
It isn’t rape if he keeps
one foot connected to the earth
If he loves her hard enough
It isn't if he was pre-teased
If she is post-confused
If she keeps her eyes closed
I can't talk about this
without becoming both
If he gently covers her eyes
Can I insert my fear
into you without permission?
Posted 08/31/12
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