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Philosophical Indigestion

Neglected sludge snails 

up my Basement walls.


Kitchen floats above,

on its sheen of everyclean.


A slow swirling con-

fuses the Basement

with movement.


Kitchen polishes its 

teeth with its stain-

less steel gaze.


Sloshed on weepage,

Basement mumbles upward.


Kitchen traces frantic

stitches, sips its glass

of lemon cleaner tighter.


Stinks, pungent per-

fumes, unknown mush-

rooms SLASH

cooking vodka, antibacterial

garlic, antiseptic paprika!


The new food I want

and old shit I can’t forget


sandwich me: the black

up-creep approaching

the plastic-wrapped ceiling.


Then sudden sunlight

from a forgotten window

hopes to shows us which

one I am:


Me, immo-

bile on the stairs.



Posted 04/18/16
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