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The People’s Pandemic Prayer

                                                Matthew 6: 9-13

Our (Dead

Beat) Dad,

who art, I hope,

in heaven… holy

shit, man— what

the actual hell?


Give us this day

fewer dead.

Shared air

that won’t

eat our bodies.


Bless the mouths

shut up behind

these multicolored

fabric bandages.


Forgive us



Help us realize

those who trespass

against us just

trying to cope.


Convince us

our sins, our

fears, ain’t

all that.


And Doc, drop

kick this virus.

Give us one

another again.


Bring yr kingdom.

Raise yr glory—whatever

that means these days…


Remind us

what You look like

in each others’ un

covered faces.

Posted 03/03/21
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