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ring in me (your very flesh) for Linda

I still love you so much
you ring in me,
I am becoming more like you
catching my own eye in the
as my hair grays in the same
way that yours did
I even bought some sun
glasses that look like yours

but that isn't what I meant to say
I mean that I am becoming more
like you
that you ring in me,
I hear your laugh in mine
startle when I throw my head back
because I feel your shape
in me
and yesterday,

I spoke sharply to my own daughter
pulled her up with my words
it wasn't much, but it cut a little
and I
knew I was an echo
of your very flesh
of your words spoken
sharp and short

that's not it
I mean I can feel
you/you ring in me
a memory and
-and I want more
I want the nevertheless
grace, your poise, your
certainty. I want to ring like you
rang when you had visions
when heaven opened its doors

what I mean is
I want to be more like
I want more though
I want you
I still love you so much
you ring in me
Posted 08/01/12
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