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A Message from your Mode

           Thank you for merging

with this manifestation of hunger.

Your donations of skin and fiber

contribute to future atmosphere.

Please smoke only if part of you

burns uncontrollably.

           Though dim and shadowy to you

the distant figures responsible for your passage

have been and in some cases continue to be

like you, i.e. alive, awkwardly wired

with conflicting motivations such as

empathy, desire, hunger, fear

and a devastating need to be known.

This chorus / hoard endorses

limited gratification in transportation. 

             When you feel uncertain

assume the stance of poise modeled

by the samurai of Yomei-gaku:

an unconditional acceptance and

responsive capability so tranquil

they fought kendo with living

goldfish in their mouths.

Posted 06/14/16
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