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After Panicking, I Watch a Buddhist Documentary

and breathe and breathe and become

the English captions on the English language film

                                              I explain

the Serpent Bridge’s decay    

the gray-haired god vanishes I say

in the truck of a tree         not sure why

monks are making clay

-mation stop-action action movies

for English-on-English translation

but I announce that they’re webcasting

the monastery

                                           I narrate

over the silent meal

and when the visiting dignitary steals

a pastry from the chef’s rolling tray

I laugh five times in brackets

and imagine myself healed

                                                 I believe

these monks want to share a planetary feeling:

Earth will miss its failing clay

bee spiraling into the forest

remembering nothing

of attraction           now I remember the captain

of the girl’s golf team

guiding my fingers       pressing


accelerating into pleasure

                                               I’m afraid

                                 I’ve wanted this

living like a child

wants every form of sugar

Posted 06/14/16
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