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Contact. It’s Heartbreaking

how close it can seem

in a landscape touched by fire

like at the geyser

along the crater rim where

Steve lost Cookie

and we heard the coyotes

alarmingly near

but then John found Cookie

sleeping at the edge

of the fire circle: phew!

so we went ahead and swam illegally

in the amazing mineral pool

and Cami said this

is how life began

hot bacteria surfacing

and we laughed

because hot bacteria’s a funny

nickname for Cami and we

thought it would never

end. We became

best friends in pools

just cool enough not to boil us.

Frank broke everything

down to its functional units—

which became a band name:

The Functional Units or

The F.U. for short—

but I just wanted to love those moments

that seemed to land—

striking, we say,

because knowledge is covered in welts.

Tectonics and fission,

axon, asteroid, alcoholism.

Generation in retreat

across basins and ranges

from the fault line boundary

of the next Atlantis,

reverse pioneers

remain fibrous and

pulmonary to smoke in the very

same caves where ancestors

composed with a rock

against a rock

a spiral.



Posted 07/18/17
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