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Of Birth and Panama

Pairs of what you wish and what you know

Fledged cardinal chirping in the ivy


The unbreakable commitment broken

The world born anew without words like anew no


Pears sliced with no toast crumbs on no

Counter, fractal screen saver slipped


In the harness, horses painted in

Underwater Caves and leather


Boys crying and shrugging: a history

Borne through canals of birth and Panama


The Van Halen song with car sex lyrics

On the hospice piano, a mascot


With an ascot! for your sex life

Flour in five-pound bags shot-gunned


On Independence Day, scour the island

To find the banana bread lady


Up the treacherous mountain highway

A new beak evolves in isolation surf


Soundtracks everyone blinks six millennia

To sleep perchance to peep 
Posted 07/18/17
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