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                                                                                    “Hey, open the door.”

                                                                                                    Jim James


Belts, gears, and beautiful breasts.

It’s hard to see in Lynchian darkness

you can enter where others will also be:

solarized silk-screen and black disco ball

as if cutting glass caused stars to choose

against ever being born at all.


Surprising degree of blatant pornography:

black & white hand-job in a wicker chair

tucked (as a joke?) in a marriage tableau.

The painter’s line to my body spoke—

scavenging gulls off the stern,

on a rope between a ballerina’s wrists


another ballerina turns. Ravaging spy

in weather personified. Surrounded

by pictures I watch Dee fix: three

leather queens plus one nude grinding

with her own perfect ray-o-graph double.

Oxygen bubble inside the syringe—


decomposed tear in opposite air

like a shadow might breathe

a new life through a gate of teeth.

Posted 01/21/15
Written at the Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, spring 2014
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