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                                  Rocks came alive 

               when McGaferty applied

                                            a tiny magnet to the blood.


He holds a rigor mortised gerbil in the photo

              while his wife stands balanced on a gnome.


        Moist planty oxygen in the brightly lit terrarium.

                                              Two ducks splash down

      in a fountain turned orange by pennies’ oxidation.


                                       Powder blue snowmen guard the pond

                 where shad fish died under ice—


                   their gas pockets putrid balloons.

                                            Still the private life seems elegant

                    in the Danish style of the kabinet


              sleek blinds and a herring figurine.           Sturdy

         (actually it’s decomposing)          teak.


                             Something like a towel rod

        might never become a great nation’s symbol

                                                                    but transcendent


       even of independence         hockey boys

                         sing in the shower for Eskimo Pies.


                                       At closing time a line of drivers

                      curbside             one in a flat cap

                                       holds a sign with a single word Stars. 

Posted 07/24/14
"I have wanted and still want to depart this life with specimens of people, flora and fauna, to lodge them all in my heart as in an ark." Danilo Kis--Hourglass
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