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all the tea

if i have forgotten how to be kind 
if i have gone blind to you 
it is not because i do not love you 
if this distance between us has begun 
to pool beneath your skin 
and if your knees have forgotten how it feels 
to give in 
i apologize 
if you cannot recall how my fingers swelled
how they lifted your dress with inky press 
bold in contrast against the rainy season’s breath
i apologize
if i have wounded you 
if all the butterflies that i forged in your stomach
pour from open breast
then flee for window then cease to impress 
i apologize 
perhaps my mouth on your naked flesh
my teeth on nape of neck a pinch 
a lingering kiss on bared thigh will win your best smile 
your love or an impossible caress
and if not that then what?
i fear whatever moons left have already been plucked 
whatever stars remain have already been sucked 
of all their romance 
what offering can i submit? 
what favor can i give but all the tea in china
to fill in the endless sea between us
and waves to bruise the leaves 
broken on an oolong breeze
and tidal swells in a tiny porcelain cup.
Posted 11/04/11
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