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we brake 
into fields of wheat
cutting swathes
with great swinging strokes
tumbling in the reaping
coughing on grain dust

the clickity-clack of june bug wings
slicing the gluttonous heat
kicking chubby bits of sun light
into the black heady soil

grit and saliva under my nails
dust on my teeth
i ripped up the earth
to build you a home
with my fingers
just like it where that simple
that easy

we climbed on the breeze
reaching upwards
with arms drawn like bows
eyes like icarus
searching for black holes and quasars
to rumble in
until the stars trembled
stumbling on the rough edges
of our breathing

ragged like sweet honey
and finger tacks
we stutter and shake
in onomatopoetic pentameter

buzz! buzz!
Posted 02/12/12
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