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Fossil, Snorkle, and Cold Blood

To express the self we escaped the self, or made

statements of natural law via particular tastes:

it is immoral for a hedgehog to not be tossed by a dog

or impressions beginning the way as though undressing

given questions; I wanted to write fauna impossibly

tender and necessary as a column of newsprint, or the way

one deduced yesterday must have been sunned by

an unmanning fatigue as of swimming, yet no matter where

I went the space I encompassed was finished as the surfaces of my palms

any direction they were heading; we remain unabridged,

the stage coach creates the coast, stars have no elongation

outside of day, or a pill at the bottom of a glass I swallowed like clockwork:

the fact is I was chilled from the outside, holding a lizard like a scripture of mirror.

Posted 04/11/09
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